How to Conceive

How to Conceive

Men are not usually in the habit of scouring books on pre-pregnancy, but it is not necessary to spend hours researching the subject. If you are hoping to become a father, simply take a look at the list below to see what you can do to make the process of conception as easy and effective as possible.

Visit Your Doctor

If you and your partner are trying to conceive and you are experiencing problems with loss of libido, erection problems, or other sexual difficulties, it is advisable to consult your doctor.  Sperm quality and quantity can be affected by certain drugs such as steroids, antibiotics and even fungal infection medications.  Your GP might be able to switch you to more suitable medication.  Sexually transmitted diseases can also cause infertility in males.  Your GP might ask you about the medical history of your family including birth defects, mental disability, Down’s Syndrome and bleeding disorders. If needs be, genetic counselling can be undertaken by your partner and you.  

Stock up on Healthy Foods  

Poor nutrition can affect the quantity and quality of sperm.  It has been suggested that folic acid may raise sperm count.  Orange juice, legumes and leafy green vegetables or salads with a multivitamin and folic acid supplement might also help.  Zinc is also all-important for testosterone levels and good semen volume.  Eggs, meat and seafood contain this mineral.  Vegetarians can eat tofu, beans and rice for their complete proteins.  Vitamin C also boosts sperm motility, so eat plenty of fresh fruit.  

No More Piping Hot Baths!  

If you enjoy hot baths or saunas, it is worth bearing in mind that extreme heat may lower your sperm count.  Testicles function at their best when cool at about 34 degrees C (94 degrees F). This is below the temperature of the human body, and it is the reason why the testicular sack lies outside the body.  Therefore, if you and your partner are having difficulty conceiving, you might want to consider taking a long, cool shower before making love.  

Try Wearing Boxers  

Your testes may get overheated when you wear tight briefs, particularly in hot weather, and sperm production could be inhibited.  Boxers are a comfortable alternative.  

No More Hard Partying!  

Sperm is affected by alcohol, tobacco and recreational drugs that lower sperm count and motility.  Even second-hand smoking can be dangerous for human embryos and babies.  Fathers who drink heavily could produce underweight babies.  Try to quit smoking and limit your alcohol intake.  

Try to Relax  

Although it is fun trying to conceive, life can also be pretty stressful at times.  One cause of anxiety in parents-to-be is the fact that it can take several months to conceive.  So take time out to rewind and relax.  Taking a stroll with your dog or enjoying a swim can only help to relax body and mind, making the whole process of conception that much more pleasant and easier.    

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