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Sex During Pregnancy

Sex During Pregnancy
Something that both men and woman will worry about during pregnancy is sex, or the potential lack of it.  First things first: sex during pregnancy is totally safe.  It cannot harm your unborn baby or cause your wife to go into premature labour.  Sex during pregnancy can be just as good or even better than sex at any other time, providing you understand and are aware of your partner’s emotions, as well as your own. 

Understanding Your Partner’s Emotions

There are a lot of changes going on in your wife or girlfriend’s body during pregnancy.  You may love her inflated breasts but chances are all she’s thinking about is the fact that she can’t see her feet because of her belly. Make sure she knows you still find her attractive!  Compliment her whenever you can and make her see that she is still the object of your desire despite her new-found curves. 

If your partner is still feeling insecure or having doubts about sex during pregnancy, make sure she feels able to discuss them with you and don’t pressure her.  Speak to your midwife together if you need reassurance that it is safe.  Her fluctuating hormone levels will also play a huge part in whether she feels like having intercourse or not.  During the first trimester she is more likely to be tired and feeling sick.  The second trimester is when she is likely to be feeling her sexiest, and by the third trimester she’ll probably be pretty exhausted due to her growing bump.  Her bump can also make certain positions difficult, so consider this and be creative!

Understanding Your own Emotions

More than likely you’ll be nervous at least the first time you have sex with your partner during pregnancy.  It’s natural to worry about hurting her or the baby but remember it is totally safe.  You might find it difficult to get used to your wife or girlfriend’s new shape but think how you would feel in her situation and be sure to give her lots of attention to reassure her that you love her more than ever now she is carrying and nurturing your child.

Just like your partner, your libido may fluctuate through the trimesters of pregnancy.  Unfortunately this may not be in sync with her hormonal changes.  In the first trimester your sex drive is likely to be at its highest because impregnating someone is almost like a show of your masculinity.  You may also experience feelings of being more bonded to your partner because of the life you have created together and this too will increase your libido. 

In the later stages of pregnancy, your sexual desire may be reduced.  Some men find the pregnant body hard to get their head around, but don’t push your partner away, explore her new shape together.  Talk about your fears in a gentle manner and make sure she knows how beautiful she is.

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