6 Weeks Pregnant

6 Weeks Pregnant
For some women, week six can mark the appearance of morning sickenss arriving. Although it's not nice for anyone to feel nauseous, just try to remember that morning sickness affects more than half of pregnant women to some extent and it's a great sign that your body is being kept busy creating that little life!

Changes to you and your body

There are a number of suggested causes of morning sickness, such as increased oestrogen or progesterone levels, low blood sugar, or oversensitivity to smell (which can trigger nausea). No one really knows an exact cause, and there are no sure-fire cures either, although some women find relief through a number of treatment methods.

For example, a lot of women find that eating plain or ginger biscuits before they get out of bed in the morning can head off the nausea. Frequently drinking small sips of water, avoiding drinks that are very sharp, cold, or sweet, and eating small but frequent meals that are low in fat but high in carbohydrates also assist in keeping the dreaded feeling away! You may also find that foods and odours that you normally love might make you feel worse, so it's best to avoid these until you're feeling a little more setttled.

The majority of women start to feel better after the first three months of pregnancy, so the good news this feeling won't be around for too long! If you are really struggling with sickness, don't worry, it won't harm your baby, but can of course be upsetting and annoying to experience so if your symptoms are severe, see your GP.

Changes to your baby

This week, your baby is busy developing his or her brain, whilst spots are starting to form where his or her eyes will grow. The baby’s head would appear to be oversized if you could see inside your womb. Tissues that will develop into the liver, lungs, and other vital organs are beginning to grow, as well as the start of muscle and bone tissue. The developing heart is now beating at a rapid rate, around 150 beats a minute, which is probably twice the speed of your own heart.

The baby is around the size of a pumpkin seed or a lentil now, having had the first of several growth spurts and tripling in size this past week.

Tips for a happy pregnancy

Food cravings may well kick in at this point too, although for many women they don’t arrive for a few weeks yet. Cravings can be for pretty much anything, though sweet and spicy foods are most usual, and you may give into them in moderation provided that you maintain a healthy diet. (Although if you are craving non-edible substances, ignore that advice!)

In week six, you may also be tired and experience some odd mood swings as your body manages its unusual and fluctuating hormone levels. Shifts in mood may also occur as you become emotionally adjusted to the whole idea of pregnancy. These mood swings are entirely normal and usually temporary, so sit tight and point your partner toward some reading on the subject so that he’ll be aware of just what you are going through. It is likely that he is also experiencing some extreme emotions about potential fatherhood, so try not to put too much pressure on yourselves right now.

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