22 Weeks Pregnant

22 Weeks Pregnant

Are people starting to comment on how great you're looking right now?

This part of your pregnancy is usually regarded as the most comfortable and the time when your pregnancy 'bloom' shows through as you regain your energy and your skin, hair and nails benefit from all those additional hormones swimming around! So don't be modest or shy, enjoy the limelight, smile and lap up the compliments....you're amazing!

Changes to you and your body

Whilst this may not be the case for all mums to be, this trimester is usually when morning sickness fades and before onset of the typical tiredness of the third trimester starts to kick it so enjoy it while you can!

At 22 weeks pregnant, your bump will be well and truly on show and difficult to hide. For many women this is a joyful time. A photo diary is a lovely way to keep track of your changing shape throughout pregnancy. The second trimester can be enjoyable so make the most of being able to go out without getting a babysitter first. Sleep won't come as easily when your baby is born, so don't feel guilty if you need a lie-in and an afternoon nap!

It is usually safe to fly at 22 weeks so now would be a good time to book a last 'couples' holiday before the baby arrives and you become a family.

Changes to your baby

The way your baby is measured is performed little differently now. Earlier in pregnancy measurements were taken from crown to rump which is from the top of the head to the bottom, or rump. Now that your baby's legs are not always curled up against the chest in the classic foetal position, measurements can now be taken from head to toe. Your baby will measure approximately 28 centimetres in length by now and will weigh around 425g. These are averages however, and you should not worry if your baby is slightly under or over these measurements. If in doubt, always speak to your midwife or GP.

Facial features are beginning to have more definition with lips becoming defined and eye development taking place.
By 22 weeks, the foetal skeleton is starting to harden although your baby will still have soft spots, possibly well into their toddler years. Facial features are beginning to have more definition with lips becoming defined and eye development taking place. However, your babies eyes will remain closed and the pigment has not yet been distributed to the iris to define eye colour - which will change for the first few weeks after birth. Your baby's skin will still be wrinkled at this stage as the full fat deposits have not yet been laid down around the body and their tiny tooth buds are already in place inside the gums ready for teething.

Tips for a happy pregnancy

Throughout pregnancy, it is best to avoid smoking and heavy drinking. If you find you cannot give up smoking or are having difficulty, contact your midwife as free help is available to quit. Some research states that no alcohol should be drunk at all during pregnancy, whilst other research permits one or two units occasionally. This is usually a personal decision but well informed choices are always good choices so ask your midwife for advice and read any leaflets that are available on the subject.

Many pregnant women avoid raw shellfish and unpasteurised foods such as eggs; and certain cheeses such as Brie and Goat's Cheese. These foods can carry a small risk of listeria which can be particularly harmful when pregnant. Always seek advice from your midwife if you are unsure, you can also check the latest guidelines on which foods to avoid on the NHS website.

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