25 Weeks Pregnant

25 Weeks Pregnant

Congratulations, you're now in your six month of pregnancy and fast approaching the third trimester! Can you believe that you're already two thirds along the way to meeting your precious newborn? Bet it didn't seem like five minutes since you first found out you were pregnant!

Why not mark the occasion with a nice romantic meal out with your partner or pamper day with your friends to celebrate? Oh, and don't forget to take a 'bump' photo, you'll soon forget being this size!

Changes to you and your body

By now your uterus will be approximately the same size as a football! Although, of course, all pregnant women are different, so don't worry if you think your bump is too big or too small, all women worry about this and your midwife will let you know if she has any concerns.

Your baby still has a good bit of room for manoeuvre so you'll probably be feeling a good deal of kicking by now! Your sleep may be disturbed at this stage with frequent visits to the loo and an inability to get comfortable in bed. Pregnant women usually have to sleep on their side and this can take some getting used to if you have always slept on your front or back, try supporting your bump with a cushion and many women find that sleeping with a cushion between their knees and behind their back can alleviate the discomfort on the hips and back.

Your precious cargo is starting to look more like a newborn although they will still be gaining fat and may look a little on the skinny side!

Changes to your baby

At 25 weeks your unborn baby will be making rapid progress in the uterus. Remember to keep talking to your bump and encourage your partner to do so too since your baby’s hearing is now improving, some women also like to play music to their bump and many report their newborn babies responding to their favourite music after they've been born, so it's a good time to try and influence your baby's taste in music!

By 25 weeks your baby will weigh around 700g and be approximately 34cm in length. Your precious cargo is also starting to look more like a newborn although baby will still be gaining fat as well as muscle and may look a little on the skinny side!

Nerve endings are improving and growing and your baby will now have sensitivity in their hands and face, so if you were to have an ultrasound scan around this time, they will often discover your baby touching his own face or hands and starting to learn the sucking and swallowing reflex, all ready preparing for life outside your womb!

Tips for a happy pregnancy

Sexual intercourse is by no means off the menu, depending on how you and your partner are both feeling and if you desire it! With all the changes in hormones flying around, chances are you're sexual appetite will be fluctuating, however a lot of couples find that it can provide a relaxing way for both of you to feel close and does not harm the baby in any way.

If you are working, week 25 is the latest week you can inform your employer of your pregnancy and your intentions regarding maternity leave. Many women prefer to do this earlier, especially if they need to attend several antenatal appointments during working hours. Your official notification week is 15 weeks before your due date, counting back from the Sunday before you are due. As a pregnant employee, you are protected by law from dismissal for any pregnancy-related reason. You may also want to speak to your Human Resources Department for advice if you are unsure of any work-related entitlements as many companies have their own internal policies that run alongside Government guidelines. A risk assessment should be carried out as soon as your employer is aware of your pregnancy to ensure that you are comfortable and safe when carrying out your work.

Your emotions will be running higher than usual now with pregnancy hormones kicking in and may well be giving you a bumpy ride. Mood swings and weepiness are common in or out of the work environment. Most people are sympathetic to this and the vast majority of pregnant women enjoy the support of colleagues so this is a good time to look into maternity pay, rights and benefits and make those all important decisions about your future.

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