28 Weeks Pregnant

28 Weeks Pregnant
Bring out the trumpets....we salute you!

Congratulations, you're now officially in the third and final trimester of your pregnancy and only a few short weeks away from the moment you hold your beautiful newborn in your arms for the very first time.

Changes to you and your body

We hate to be the bearer of bad news but the chances are that you will now start experiencing uncomfortable symptoms. Frequent urination, fatigue, being short of breath and backaches might have already started even before your 28-week stage of pregnancy. If you feel breathless most of the time it is because your growing uterus is compressing into your diaphragm. Although uncomfortable, keep reminding yourself that this won't last forever and all this will be worth the reward at the end of your journey!

Most women will be carrying around an extra 20 pounds by this stage which explains your aching back and many mums to be counteract the extra weight in front by leaning back more. This actually puts more strain on the muscles in your lower back and if possible it is best to relax and take life a bit easier as much as you can.

You will also probably start to feel more tired than usual - a lot of extra energy is needed for all that extra weight! If you're also struggling with Leg cramps, swelling and itching at this time, try massaging your legs and keep them elevated at night as this can help in alleviating these symptoms.

Changes to your baby

By the 28th week, your little baby will weigh 1.1kg and measure 37cm in length and is about as heavy as a Chinese cabbage!

Their little head now faces downwards, but will still keep on turning. He or she can already practise taking a breath, hiccup, suck and cough. They will also be able to blink their eyes that now have eyelashes. Their eyesight is now developing and they may have the ability to see light filtering through the womb. When your baby sleeps they will now experience the REM phase. This stands for rapid eye movement that all of us also experience when we sleep.

Baby's brain is now beginning to mature and forming tiny canals and grooves that are characteristically associated with a human brain and millions of neurons are developing in their brain. Their tiny adrenal glands are now producing estrogen and androgen that actually stimulate your body to start with your milk production and if your baby is a little boy his testes should now begin to descend.

Tips for a happy pregnancy

As you move further into the third trimester this is definitely the period for leg cramps, varicose veins, haemorrhoids, itchy skin, indigestion, constipation, heartburn, urinary incontinence, and swelling! Try to keep mobile and active as much as possible and keep your diet healthy and yourself well hydrated, you'll be amazed at just how much difference this can make. If you haven't already, now is also a good time to start antenatal classes - not only will these offer you invaluable tips and help on your pregnancy and labour but hopefully you'll make some fabulous new friends along the way as well!

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