29 Weeks Pregnant

29 Weeks Pregnant
We think it's fair to say that by now you should be officially 'blooming'!

With less than three months left to go - now is a good time to start the planning the fun bits of motherhood such as choosing decor for the baby's nursery and starting to short list
names for your new baby. Many mums to be also make the most of this time to plan a baby shower - which is always a great excuse to get togther with your girlie friends!

Changes to you and your body

By week 29, there's a good chance that heartburn will probably be plaguing you and Gaviscon will probably be a good friend of yours by now! It's also vitally important to try to get lots of sleep and to eat well during this crucial developmental stage of your baby as they require more nourishment than ever for the remainder of your pregnancy.

Your own digestive processes will have slowed down tremendously because of the extra progesterone and less space within your tummy so you should try and eat a few small meals each day to help things along. Also try to remember to drink lots of water, enjoy some walking or other light exercise and keep your feet and legs elevated as much as possible throughout the rest of your pregnancy to help keep constipation and swelling at bay.

Changes to your baby

You should start to pay attention to your little one's movements each day from now onward as your baby will start to develop patterns of wakefulness and rest - not that disimilar to those of a newborn. If you do notice any significant changes in your baby's movement patterns always mention them to your GP or midwife so they can be checked out.

By 29 weeks your baby will weigh around 1.1kg and most likely be almost 39cm in length - the size of a butternut squash! As their nutritional demands increase you will need lots of iron, folic acid, vitamin C and protein.

Over the following 11 weeks, your little one will more than double-up on their weight. In some cases they might even triple their weight!

Baby's bones will also be soaking up plenty of calcium so try to make sure to find good sources of calcium, such as yoghurt, cheese and milk. More or less 250mg of calcium will be deposited into your little girl or boy's hardening skeleton every day in this trimester.

Tips for a happy pregnancy

Try to take advantage of this last phase of pregnancy and use it as a good excuse to pamper yourself. If you feel like it, have a pedicure or a facial done while you have the time to still do it. Toes and hands that are well manicured will perk you up. You and your partner should try to spend some quality time together while it is still quiet on the home front - you could enjoy a romantic evening together before the baby finally arrives or, if you already have children, you could consider a babysitter to enjoy an evening out.

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