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Nicki Hickman 08/11/2011 13:14:17 0 Replies 11 Views

According to a report on The Guardian website The Department for Education is considering changing the age limit to 18 for young parents able to claim up to £175 per week to assist with their childcare whilst they attend education and tranining programmes designed improve their chances of gaining furture employment.

In the academic year 2009/10, the current programme is reported to have cost around £37m and provided childcare support to 7,933 young parents. The scheme currently supports around 6,300 young parents.

The proposed changes will mean that parents aged 19 and above will need to apply to the 'Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) to request 'discretionary adult learner support arrangements', which are more in line with other systems for young adults.

A number of charities inlcuding The Daycare Trust, women's charity Platform 51 and the NUS have written a joint letter asking the education secretary Michael Gove to rethink the proposal.

Their letter is reported to state: "These changes would hit women hardest: 99 per cent of Care to Learn recipients are young mothers. Women have already taken a disproportionate share of wider funding cuts and this must not continue."

Will you or someone in your family be affected by these proposed changes?

Do you think that the Government should continue to support Young Parents in education by paying for their childcare?

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