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BMA call for a complete ban on smoking in cars

The BMA (British Medical Association) has called on ministers to extend the current smoking ban to cover all vehicles.

It has argued that children in particular are at risk from the effects of passive smoking as they take in more of the harmful chemicals from cigarettes than adults and that they should be legally protected as in most cases they are unable to refuse to travel in the car with smokers.

According to previously published research, a car's occupants are exposed to 23 times more toxins than they would encounter in a bar, the BMA's review found.

Read the full story on the Guardian website.

Do you agree with the complete ban to protect children from the effects of passive smoking?

Do you feel that there are bigger threats to our children's health and that these do not get the attention or focus that they should?

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See Earlier Messages I think it's really sad that the government even need to consider getting involved with this, you'd like to think that ALL parents would be smart and caring enough not to smoke with their kids in the car, but unfortunately from what I've seen whilst out and about some people just don't care.

I would like to know though how they plan on enforcing this? People still drive around without child seats fitted and whilst on their mobile so I can't see many people actually getting fined for this.

22/11/2011 10:35:20

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Sonia Constant

You are right, people are not considerate enough to their children. Can you imagine how a baby would feel with all that smoke in the car? :( its horrible! x

02/09/2013 15:25:40
Kerry Verdu
Kerry Verdu Hello,
I noticed this thread is over a year old, but thought I would add my 2 pence if thats ok. :)

I am anti government and feel all the "acts" are brought in to make our life more and more hell. (in a nutshell) including BMA and WHO. They are all companies.
I am not a smoker and never have been, but my husband is and has been since he was young.
We have 2 children together and he does not smoke around them, but not out of being told by some biased paid off scientist who claims to have found some new link. by choice, and here I agree a good one.
I tend to research all information given about most subjects before making my own decision.
This will be pushed, this is an agenda, like car parks and changing the radio station, the on the spot fines. Its all for revenue, not health or safety.
Sad but true.
To add to the last question without getting angry or causing a row (hehe) I am anti vaccine's as no Dr before giving a shot can tell me exactly what is in them, however then endorse them :/ But thats another conversation. :)

I dont agree that "Acts" can be brought in against our rights, (but sadly done everyday) but being a parent does mean your rights are not at the top of the list, your childrens are. So I do what I can with the knowledge and information I look into.

Very good topic to debate though :D
best wishes.

01/05/2013 16:32:13

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Sonia Constant
Sonia Constant Its about time, I hate the thought of people smoking with their children locked up in the car :( the poor thing! x

02/09/2013 15:24:57

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Fay Briddon
Fay Briddon It is an awful sight. Hopefully the ban will make people think, although the ban on phone use hasn't stopped some thoughtless people. x

03/09/2013 08:17:42

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Lee MC Woodward
Lee MC Woodward I say smoke wherever you want, you have to pay the extoritionate tax.
Nobody tells me where i can and cant smoke

25/10/2013 09:02:22

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