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A third of UK Children do not own a book

According to a report on today's BBC website, as many as one in three children in the UK do not own a book.

A recent survey conducted by the National Literacy Trust found reported the shocking results that almost four millions children in the UK do not own a book and that about a fifth of children said they had never been to a book shop or a library.

This number has increased significantly since 2005 when the figure stood at about one in ten.

Studies have shown that children with their own books are more likely to perform better at school and to be above average readers, with children from poorer backgrounds and boys less likely to have their own books compared to their peers.

National Literacy Trust director Jonathan Douglas said the steep rise in the number of children without their own books was of particular concern.

He said: "We know there is a direct correlation between book ownership and children's reading abilities.

"With one in 6 in the UK struggling with literacy it is very worrying that many children could be missing out on opportunities to develop these essential skills."

What do you think about these latest figures, are you surprised by the findings?

How do you encourage your child/chlidren to take an interest in books and reading?

Do you think it's the school or parent's responsibility to teach children to read?

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