Hamleys toy store move away from gender themed floors

Hamleys toy store move away from gender themed floors
Hamleys, the world famous toy store has caused a stir amongst parents after recently abandoning their gender colour coded floors in favour of toys being reorganised by type.

Amid shouts from both sides of the fence, Hamleys had been accused of ‘gender apartheid’ by a contingent of parents on Twitter with national campaigners ‘Pinkstinks’ hailing the move as a small victory in the campaign against the ‘pinkification’ of girlhood.

Pinkstinks is a campaign that targets the products, media and marketing that prescribe heavily stereotyped and limiting roles to young girls. Their website states; "We believe that all children – girls and boys - are affected by the 'pinkification' of girlhood. Our aim is to challenge and reverse this growing trend. We also promote media literacy, self-esteem, positive body image and female role models for kids."

Hamleys however, insist that the move was part of planned store alterations to "improve customer flow" and had in no way been influenced by the campaign.

A spokesperson for toy store commented: "The changes to our signage were not due to any campaign."
"It was made clear to us from consultants’ and customer surveys that our store directional signage was confusing. As a result we commenced changing all our signage in October of this year in order to improve customer flow."

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