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Stark Warning on Cutting Children's Services

Stark Warning on Cutting Children's Services
Professor Sir Michael Marmot, a key advisor to the coalition government in wellbeing and fairness is set to issue a stark warning that proposed cuts to children’s services in the UK will worsen the already high levels of inequality currently seen.

According to a report on The Guardian website today, Sir Michael is quoted as commenting “Cutting services has a selective impact the lower down you go in the social hierarchy.

"We see increases in child poverty and are moving from direct to indirect forms of taxation, which are regressive. I am really concerned about these things and their impact [on inequalities]"

He went on the add that Britain was failing its young children on a grand scale owing to inequality, with many not achieving basic levels of social and emotional development and, compared to Nordic countries such as Finland, Denmark and Sweden, the UK showed a much larger gap between rich and poor children in terms of happiness and wellbeing.

"We do really, really badly on international comparisons, really badly," he said. "One of the best things we can do and one of the best trends in policy in Britain had been focused on early childhood. So my concern is that we preserve what we've done."

It was announced in November that there would 124 fewer Sure Start centres for children than when the coalition government formed which led to the Day Care Trust setting up their “Save our Sure Start” Campaign.

  • What are your thoughts on the coalition’s cuts to children’s services?
  • Have you been affected by the closure or ‘restructuring’ of the Sure Start centres?
  • Do you think the cuts are necessary and justified?

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