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What's in a Name?

What's in a Name?
It has been revealed this week, that Beyonce and Jay-Z have trademarked their little girl's name.
Ever since the child's birth on January 7th, the couples legal team have been working around the clock, to ensure no one profits from 'Blue Ivy Carter' or anything similar.

Initially this may seem like they are being 'over-the-top', but actually they have good reason for doing this. On the 11th of January fashion designer Joseph Mbeh filed to trademark 'Blue Ivy Carter NYC', so as to enable him to create his own clothing line for babies and children. He later apologised, saying he planned on pitching the idea to Beyonce and Jay-Z, and never had any intentions to 'cash in'. Another application was filed on the 20th of January for 'Blue Ivy Carter Glory IV' within the fragrances category.

Government officials from the US Trademark Office declined both of these applications, stating that due to the fact a famous infants' name was being used it would imply approval from Beyonce and Jay-Z, and this was not the case.

Due to the keen interest from various parties to make money out of their child's name, Beyonce's company BGK Trademark Holdings filed for full ownership of the trademark. Officials from the US Trademark Office have said that the application is expected to be granted, as parents are allowed to trademark the name of their child if they are a minor.
Some feel that they are just drawing more attention on themselves, and this will encourage others to try; whereas the majority are saying that they have done the right thing.

What are your thoughts?

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