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Baby no.4 - Take That!

Baby no.4 - Take That!
Gary Barlow chose his Twitter page to announce yesterday that he and his wife Dawn are expecting their fourth child. "My wife and I are expecting our fourth child. Another own goal!"
The couple have been married since 2000, after they met on his 1995 tour. They already have three children; Daniel, Emily, and Daisy.

Gary Barlow is said to be very excited about the news, and is now setting his sights on being the next Dad of the Year.

Next goal, 'Celebrity Dad of the Year', move aside Andre!

It seems that Mr Barlow will be very busy this year. He has taken on the immense task (but also huge honour) of organising the Queen's Jubilee Concert for this summer, as well as apparently being in discussion with X Factor to appear once again on the judging panel.

However Gary Barlow has always said that family are the priority.

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