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Top 25 Words All Toddlers Should Know

Top 25 Words All Toddlers Should Know
Scientists at this week’s American Association for the Advancement of Science’s annual conference have revealed the ‘golden list’ top 25 words that all toddlers should know.

The list of words has been designed to enable health visitors and doctors to benchmark toddlers and easily identify early signs of dyslexia, deafness or autism and is part of a larger list of over 300 words that would be expected to be part of a toddler’s vocabulary.

Professor Leslie Rescorla, who designed the test told the conference that up to 20% of toddlers were considered to be behind their peers in regards to speech, however, up to 75% of these could be described as ‘late bloomers’ who would catch their peers over time, commenting; “If children don’t use most of these words by 24 months, they may be late talkers.”

The top 25 words are:
  1. Mummy
  2. Daddy
  3. Cat
  4. Dog
  5. Yes
  6. No
  7. All gone
  8. More
  9. Nose
  10. Eye
  11. Baby
  12. Milk
  13. Juice
  14. Hello
  15. Thank you
  16. Bye Bye
  17. Ball,
  18. Biscuit,
  19. Banana,
  20. Hot
  21. Bath
  22. Shoe
  23. Hat
  24. Book
  25. Car

  • Was your child a 'late developer' when it came to talking
  • Do you worry about your child's vocabulary?
  • What activities do you take part in with your children to encourage good communication skills?

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