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Children Need More Freedom To Roam

Children Need More Freedom To Roam
According to a latest news story on the BBC website, the head of the National Trust, Dame Fiona Reynolds has warned that our children’s health and well-being are being put at risk by denying them access to the outdoors and nature.

Dame Reynolds is reported as saying that a mixture of parent’s anxiety, urban development and the impact of technology on our lives in more recent years have all led to the huge decrease in the freedom once given to children to explore and roam freely outside.

Trust chief executive Dame Fiona said: "Children are missing out on the sheer joy and physical and mental well-being of being able to play outside and experience nature in all its messiness.

"It's partly technology and it's partly a sort of nervousness. The freedom for children to roam unsupervised has shrunk by 90% since the 1970s.

"The world is a different place and people have become very anxious about the risks - real or perceived."

She also called on schools to take the initiative and look at options to change the way they teach children - such as teaching outside at least once a week.

"The world is changing. It is more recognised now that some of these more innovative ways of teaching are just as effective for literacy and numeracy as sitting in the classroom in a very structured way."

  • Do you agree with Dame Fiona's views above?
  • How do you manage the balance of allowing your children more freedom with their safety?
  • Do you think the risks to our children are bigger these days - or just perceived this way?

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