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Mario Balotelli To Be A Father!

Mario Balotelli To Be A Father!

Mario Balotelli may have had to suffer last night following his countries defeat against Spain, but at least he had the joyful news before hand, that he was to be a father.

The Italian striker was dumped by his model girlfriend Raffaella Fico about two months back, following several allegations of his infidelity. Mario had received a phone call from the 24 year old Raffaella prior to the match, and she had informed him that he was the father of her child.

Speaking to an Italian website 'Sport MediaSet', Raffaella said 'I called the day before the game against Germany and I said, I'm expecting a baby, it's your baby. After a pause he said 'You gave me the best news of the world.'''

The pregnancy was certainly not planned, as Raffaella split from Mario on the 29th of April, after a twelve month relationship went bad.

Mario, 21, is said to be delighted with the news, and Raffaella has told the media that Mario is ready to work on and commit to their failed relationship. She went on to say that' Mario never stopped loving me, and he always wanted to have a son and even get married.'

Their relationship started at the beginning of 2011, but following various accusations of his evenings with call girls behind her back, Raffaella called an end to it. Raffaella insists that the pregnancy has not happened to try and trap the wealthy Man City player, and believes that this time their relationship will be different.

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