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Lily Allen is Pregnant!

Lily Allen is Pregnant!

Something seems to be in the air at the moment! Lily Allen has joined the the likes of Adele and Reese, to announce that she is pregnant!

The singer and her husband Sam Cooper, welcomed their daughter Ethel Mary into the world in November last year, and are 'thrilled' to be able to say they will be doing it all over again in December this year.

Even though the pregnancy has not been planned, it was certainly something the couple felt would happen eventually, as they were keen to expand their brood.

In June 2011, the couple got married after two years together. Friends are said to be surprised by the expectant second baby, but are delighted for the couple.

Sources close to Lily Allen have said that 'Lily was sure people were going to cotton on to the fact she had a pregnancy bump but she seemed to get away with it thanks to wearing very baggy clothing.'

The road to parenthood has not been easy for Lily. In 2008 she suffered a miscarriage with band member of the Chemical Brothers, Ed Simons. Then, two years ago, Lily suffered another miscarriage, 6 months into her pregnancy with future husband Sam.

It seems that the singers plans to return to pop stardom may have to wait a bit!

Many congratulations to Lily and Sam!

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