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'Fifty Shades of Grey' To Cause Baby Boom??

'Fifty Shades of Grey' To Cause Baby Boom??

It seems that not only is 'Fifty Shades of Grey' a record seller, it is now believed to be the cause of an up-coming baby boom!

This year the US is said to have the highest number of pregnancies than previously recorded, and many websites for mums are saying they put it down to the record breaking page turner.....Fifty Shades of Grey!

It has been previously reported that many women have spiced up their sex lives thanks to the books, and husbands are said to have sent letters of thanks to E L James, the authoress, for writing them.

The book portrays a young student, Anastasia Steele, sent to interview a wealthy business man, Christian Grey, on behalf of her friend who is ill. The erotic series then takes you on a journey of unusual and hard core sexual practices, as Mr Grey teases and entices the reader, along with Miss Steele.

We've definitely spiced up a few things thanks to one Christian Grey!

Nothing has been confirmed yet as to which actor and actress will take up the lead roles for the movie.

One woman put on her blog, "We've definitely spiced up a few things thanks to one Christian Grey. My baby will be a 'Fifty Shades' baby for sure. And I'm damn proud of it".

Some women are even saying the names Christian and Ana will become popular names of 2013!

One comment thread on Baby Centre contained inserts such as, "I am reading the book trilogy a second time, and I'm definitely incubating a ‘Fifty Shades’ baby. I’m so obsessed! It’s like my guilty pleasure".

Another woman added with, "We've really spiced up a few fun things thanks to Mr. Christian Grey".

For many newly expectant mums, they say that reading the book, made trying for a baby much more fun, and less of a task for their partner.

A blog from one very happy women simply said, "After 11 years of trying, we got a positive pregnancy test. If this sticks, I'll definitely consider Christian or Ana for baby names."

Whether the baby boom is down to the book or not, no one can deny the power this book has had on so many women!

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