Colorado Shooting Victim Gives Birth

Colorado Shooting Victim Gives Birth

The wife of a man who still remains in an induced coma following the shooing in a cinema in Colorado, has given birth to their baby boy in the same hospital as him.

Katie Medley gave birth to Hugo Jackson Medley, at 7:11am on Tuesday the 24th of July, at the University of Colorado Hospital. Here husband Caleb Medley lay in a coma one floor below her.

Caleb Medley, an up and coming comic in the US, decided to take his pregnant wife to the midnight showing of the new Batman movie, as she was due to be induced on Monday 23rd July.

During the film, James Holmes, 24, walked in and began firing at random people. He injured dozens of people, and killed 12.

Kate Medley was uninjured in the attack, but her husband was shot in the eye.

Caleb Medley is now beginning to breathe for himself, and squeezes the hands of family members. His heart rate has responded when the family have spoken to him about the baby, which is all a good sign.

A family friend is leading a plea to raise finances for the family, as they had no health insurance. Donations for the family have now gone up to over $100,000, and a Facebook page set up to follow Caleb's progress has now got over 5,ooo likes.

Warner Bros. have already donated a substantial amount of movie takings to the victims of the Aurora shooting.

Donate to the Medley Family.

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