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Parrots Smarter Than Children

Parrots Smarter Than Children

A new study has shown that children only begin to be on a level with parrots from the age of three years old.

As far as intelligence goes, only the great ape matches the parrot's understanding. Researchers at a University in Vienna, Austria, tested six African grey parrots in a rescue centre.

Throughout a series of experiments the parrots were asked to choose between two unopened boxes. One had a walnut in it, and the other was empty. This meant one rattled and one didn't.

The grey parrots showed how they were able to identify where the food was from the noise being made. What the researchers found even more impressive, was that if the the birds knocked a box and it made no noise, they worked out instantly that the food was in the other box before moving it.

the birds' success was comparable to those of the three year olds - Dr Schloegl

The birds would test the boxes by knocking them over with their beak.

Similar tests have been done on other species and children. Both showed confusion as to how a noise can relate to the presence or absence of a concealed item.

The research was written up in the Journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, and was led by Dr Christian Schloegl, "Human children solve this task from an age of three or four years, and the birds' success was comparable to those of the three year olds" he said.

The researchers even tried tricking the parrots, by playing rattling sound effects, but they were not affected.

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