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Freedom of Birth video launched

Freedom of Birth video launched

Hundreds of organisations including the RCM took part in a mass screening of new documentary 'Freedom of Birth' last night, 20th September.

Created by British Filmmakers Toni Harman and Alex Wakeford, the film highlights the global fight for all women to have the right to choose how they give birth and focusses on Hungarian midwife Ágnes Geréb, who was jailed for illegally supporting women at home births.

Every birthing woman has the legal right to decide where and how she gives birth

Toni and Alex say they were inspired to make the film following the birth of their first son by emergency caesarean section, after which they were shocked to discover the rights of women’s birth choices were so restricted.

The video features interviews from international healthcare experts, midwifes, mothers and natural birth advocates from around the world.

‘Every birthing woman has the legal right to decide where and how she gives birth,’ said Toni.

‘With the release of Freedom For Birth, we hope millions of women become aware of their legal rights and so our film has the potential to spark a revolution in maternity care across the world.’

Cathy Warwick, RCM chief executive added: ‘The world is desperately short of the people who can help to ensure and deliver this human right; midwives. There is a real need for leaders of nations to invest in midwifery care in their countries.

‘I hope that the making of this film, which the RCM is supporting with a screening, will go a long way to help make skilled maternity care a reality for those women who currently do not have access to it.’

Click here to find out more about the campaign and watch the video.

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