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Damien Hirst’s Pregnant ‘Verity’ Statue Approved

Damien Hirst’s Pregnant ‘Verity’ Statue Approved

North Devon’s Council has approved plans to erect Damien Hirst’s 20m (67ft) high ‘Verity’ statue in the seaside town of Ilfracombe.

The 20 year loan of the statue depicting a naked pregnant woman was offered up by the controversial artist who has a restaurant in the town.

Plans were submitted to the council earlier in the summer and divided local opinion, with some local residents expressing their dislike of the artist’s work. However, 177 letters of support were received and only 100 letters of objection and the plans were approved.

The bronze-clad ‘Verity’statue of a naked pregnant woman carrying a sword and scales as she stands on a base of legal books is said to represent a ‘modern allegory of truth and justice’.

Initial groundwork's are due to take place soon, with the statue’s official unveiling planned for the end of October.

  • What are your thoughts on Hirst’s ‘Verity’ Statue?
  • Do you think it’s brave and respectful of women for Ilfracombe to erect such a statue in the town?

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*The image shown is an artist's impression of how the statue might look.

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