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Back to school blues for Mums too!

Back to school blues for Mums too!

According to a new survey, it’s not just children who dread the start of the new school year but a staggering 84% of UK Mums say that they suffer ‘back to school blues’ as they wave their little ones off after the long summer holidays.

The survey of 2,000 UK Mum’s conducted by Butlins also found that 22% had anxiety about their kids heading off to school, 43% felt fed up sad and almost a fifth felt lonely and miserable.

Surprisingly just 12% of Mums questioned said that they felt some sense of relief when their children returned to school, which seems to contradict the jokes around Mums being glad to get some time to themselves and shows just how precious spending quality family time together has become.

It would appear that it’s not just Mums who pine for the kids once the school term restarts either! According to the study; over half of those questioned who owned dogs and cats also reported a change in their behaviour in the same period. Could this mean that they’re missing their playmates perhaps?

Mark Hunter, the Director of Happiness at Butlins commented: “While many reports suggest that parents will be glad to see the back of six-weeks of laying on entertainment, our research shows that the summer of 2012 has brought families even closer together, and coming to the end of it is leaving mums feeling really down.

“People can often feel a bit blue after good times and it’s only when term time resumes that many parents come to the stark realisation that quality family time is really precious."

  • Did you experience ‘back to school blues’ after the summer holidays?
  • Were you relieved that you didn’t have to find and fund daily activities once school restarted?

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