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Adele Attacked on Twitter After Birth of Son

Adele Attacked on Twitter After Birth of Son

The singing sensation that is Adele, has been targeted by sick Twitter trolls, following the birth of her first child.

Hurtful and utterly disgusting comments about her size and her baby boy, were posted on Twitter over the weekend, just hours after the birth of her baby was made public knowledge.
A user called Vanessa Bieber, wrote the most horrific comment; "Aw Adele gave birth to a baby. Is it fat and handicapped lol? Just murder it already".

More twitter uses then got involved writing "I'll go and see her in the UK and kill her", this comment was then re-tweeted adding "And kill her baby".

Other users wrote about how they had not realised Adele was pregnant as she was so overweight. The abuse continued with more and more foul mouthed comments being made; the Direct2Mum team have decided we will not list all the comments as other news sites have done, as they are not worth the effort of typing.

Adele, 24, is not the first celebrity to be targeted by Twitter trolls. Tom Daley was attacked with comments of his late father being disappointed in him, following his performance at the 2012 Olympics.
Gary Barlow also received disgusting comments through Twitter after the tragic death of his daughter, who was stillborn.

Adele has yet to make a formal announcement of the birth, but news has spread that she gave birth to a baby boy on Friday night.

The news of these attacks has disgusted many, and calls for Twitter to clamp down on on-line abuse have already begun.

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