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Baby No.2 For Sophie Dahl & Jamie Cullum

Baby No.2 For Sophie Dahl & Jamie Cullum

Celebrity couple Sophie Dahl and Jamie Cullum have announced that they are 'overjoyed' with the news they are expecting their second child.

Sophie Dahl, 35, is a model turned chef, and has a very famous grandfather; Roald Dahl. On Wednesday she showed off her baby bump for the first time at the Harper's Bazaar Woman of the Year Awards.

The baby is reportedly due in April 2013.

Sophie and Jamie married in the New Forest in 2010 in a fairytale wedding, and already have one year old daughter Lyra.

Jamie Cullum, 33, a world renowned jazz musician said "I live an extremely glamorous lifestyle. I choose to hang out with my friends who aren't in that world and I choose to go to gigs and to the pub and play football."

He went on to say "To be honest I am a geek and so is Sophie. We're just two people who met and swiftly fell totally in love. That's the end of the story!".

The Direct2Mum team wish Jamie and Sophie all the best with their pregnancy.

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