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The Best Xmas Movies Ever!

The Best Xmas Movies Ever!

We know that the magic of Christmas truly comes to life when you have children. To make it even more magical for you, we have put together a full list of the top Christmas films ever for all ages; saving you the hassle of searching the shops!

So get your popcorn, mince pies, hot cocoa, and mulled wine ready. Get your woolly socks on, and your fluffy dressing gowns, get the fire on, lock the door, unplug the phone, and get snuggled up! It's time for Christmas movie nights with the family!

Charlie Brown Christmas

Released in 1965.
This film has won a place in everyone’s hearts over the last 47 years. Charlie Brown is depressed as the Christmas season approaches and can’t figure out why he isn't happy, with all his friends decking the halls and being jolly. After consulting Lucy (in her psychiatrist mode) he gets involved in directing the school nativity play, but with the other children running wild and still depressed, finds things rather difficult. In the end, however, everyone rallies round, helping Charlie to decorate his tiny, real tree and remembering what Christmas is really all about with a sing-along to Hark The Herald Angels Sing. This will definitely leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling.
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The Snowman

Released in 1982.
It’s no more than 30 minutes long, wordless apart from a song sung by a boy soprano, and features a frankly weird David Bowie introduction(in some versions), with the Goblin King wearing a scarf covered in snowmen. And yet, despite or because of all these things, this is as necessary for Christmas as drunken adults playing charades, and mince pies warmed up with double thick cream!
The pencil-drawn animation is beautiful, the music memorable and the story unforgettably touching. In fact, it’s likely to move small children, and indeed grown men, to tears. Still, it has to be watched or you’re not allowed your Christmas dinner; FACT!
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Edward Scissorhands

Released in 1990.
The framing device of this entire story is a grandmother telling her grandchild why it always snows at Christmas – so while the images that linger in the memory of a 1950's California setting from beginning to end, Edward’s finest hour sees him sculpting ice for the girl he loves, producing a shower of snow in which she dances. As the film nears its end it emerges that he’s continued to make snow for her every year despite their long separation. Well, you would be expected to shed a tear or two.
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Mickey's Christmas Carol

Released in 1983.
A firm favourite in the office, and a truly heartwarming rendition of the famous tale, with all your favourite characters! Probably the family friendly version of A Christmas Carol out there, this has a certain nostalgic appeal for those who grew up on it – and boasts Scrooge McDuck as Ebeneezer himself which, it turns out, is a good thing. We know he’s no Michael Caine, but something about the combination of Scottish accent and wizened old duck beak fits Dickens’ famous character rather well. You also have to admit that making Bob Cratchit a mouse fits his personality too. Perhaps this is best seen as an entry-level Christmas movie for the very, very small? But then again maybe not.... : )
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White Christmas

Released in 1954.
The ultimate Christmas movie, and a Christmas does not go by in the 'Briddon' household without this being watched!
The song had been used before, in 1942’s Holiday Inn, but what with that being a wee bit racist around the edges, it got recycled into this rather more up-market and thoroughly 'Christmassy' party of a film instead. Crosby and Kaye play soldiers-turned-entertainers, who travel to their former commanding officer’s inn to put on a show, help him out and romance a couple of sisters with their own musical act. There's skating, singing, romantic entanglements and one of the best Christmas songs ever. Yes we know, it’s sappy, predictable and a little over the top, but the Irving Berlin songs are incredible. If you are not singing the songs over and over right through till Christmas then you are made of stone!
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Trading Places

Released in 1983.
It’s a Christmas-set story where two evil old bankers get their comeuppance. You may question why this is on the list, as it is not entirely set around Christmas. Still, this is a morality tale, (that doesn't all take place over Christmas), that marks the low point in the fortunes of disgraced stockbroker Louis Winthorpe III (Aykroyd) after his bosses, the Duke Brothers (Ameche and Bellamy) ruin his life on a whim. And that alone makes a nice change from some films’ ultra-happy Christmases. Probably more a film for the adults.
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Home Alone 2

Released in 1992.
A sequel that doesn't shame the original, so something of a rarity right off the bat, Home Alone 2 inevitably tries to up the stakes of the previous film by stranding our hero away from home rather than in his house. While that does make a lie of the title, it gives you a much more glamorous and exciting setting, in a major city such as New York!
The story follows a similar story line to the first, but gives you a very magical Christmas scene in front of one of the world's most famous Christmas trees.
We do however think that parents Catherine O’Hara and John Heard should be arrested for negligence. To lose a child once may be a misfortune; to lose him twice needs looking at by the authorities.
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Polar Express

Released in 2004.
Loved by men and women of all ages. The Polar Express has thrilling action scenes (especially in 3D on the big screen) and some moments of uncanny beauty aboard the magical train that takes children to the North Pole to meet Father Christmas. It also gives Tom Hanks the chance to play six different characters, which we think he does beautifully.
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The Santa Clause Movies 1,2, & 3

First one released in 1994.
Not the best Christmas movie out there, but certainly a favourite amongst the youngsters. Tim Allen manages to inject some pathos into the tale of a divorced father who can’t seem to get things right for his son until the day when he accidentally knocks Santa off his roof and finds himself forced to take Father Christmas’ place. While the set-up and characters are as clichéd as it comes, there’s still some fun for fans of the film with entertaining elves, and a humorous judge. They went on to bring Santa Clause 2 and 3. Again, not the best films you could watch at Christmas, but the kids will enjoy it.
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Miracle on 34th Street

Released in 1947 and remade in 1994.
Now we at Direct2Mum think that both versions are magical, and there's a part of us that would push for you to watch the original, and keep the golden oldies alive! The original conceals some of its cuteness behind black-and-white photography and a sheen of age, but the remake is entirely respectable despite its 'snobby' edge, thanks we believe to Richard Attenborough’s fabulous portrayal of Father Christmas.
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The Grinch

Released in 2000.
Despite wearing what we can only assume must have been a heavy and hairy full body suit, Jim Carrey still comes across loud and clear in this adaptation of the Dr Seuss poem. While it does seem to exaggerate the story more so than the 1966 animated version, that’s compensated for by the stunning design and make-up. It’s also rather funny for adults – Carrey improvising away despite all the big-budget shenanigans going on around him. Some kids may find it a bit scary initially, but be assured there's a happy ending.
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Jingle All The Way

Released in 1996.
Who can forget the amusing tale, depicted by good old Arnold Schwarzenegger (once was Mayor of California, and all round tough guy) of a man desperately trying to buy his son the must-have toy of the season.
This must ring uncannily true, which is presumably why it is classic Christmas movie. The difference is that most parents lack Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ability to take direct and sometimes violent action in pursuit of said toy while still finding the energy to quip occasionally (“Put that cookie down NOW”).
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The Muppet's Christmas Carol

Released in 2005.
Michael Caine singing with puppets; shouldn't work, but does. The Muppets slot perfectly into Charles Dickens winter’s tale, but bring their own everlasting comedy styling with them (“Light the lamp, not the rat!”). Gonzo, who clearly has no place in the 19th century, does a creditable job as narrator, using language lifted directly from the book for the most part, and Caine somehow keeps a straight face (we certainly couldn't have done) to give us one of the most faithful movie Scrooges, and one who always convinces as he undergoes his transformation from miser to mensch.
The kids...and the adults will LOVE this film!
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Love Actually

Released in 2003.
The third beloved Christmas movie to emerge from the 2003 season, Richard Curtis’ enchanting ensemble piece is best watched at this time of year, when you’re bound to find at least one storyline among the several million on offer that you like. Not suitable for the younger audience, so maybe save it for when you and your partner have a few hours to yourselves, or when you have some friends over?
Perhaps it’s the porn star stand-ins finding a tentative, awkward sort of romance, or Colin Firth’s fumbling attempts to woo a woman with whom he doesn't share a common language; but for us it will always be the sad stories here that ring truest, with Laura Linney’s devotion to her brother and Emma Thompson’s quiet heartbreak really hitting home. A Christmas tale without the fuzzy Disney additive; if you prefer to live in the reality.
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The Nightmare Before Christmas

Released in 1993.
The wonderful thing about Henry Selick’s stop-motion classic, based on Tim Burton’s story, is that you can legitimately watch it any time from Halloween on, which enables you to cope with those early Christmas cravings. Everyone moans about how soon things appear in the shops, but you all love it really.
What’s more, as Pumpkin King Jack Skellington learns about Christmas, Selick and Burton manage to both undermine all the cutesiness and underline the bits of Christmas that really matter – like the bit where your toys don’t bite you and the monsters that were under your bed go away for Christmas! That bit’s really important.
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Released in 1988.
There have been many different versions of A Christmas Carol – but we believe this is the best.
Ebeneezer Scrooge is transformed from cold-hearted businessman into yuppie TV exec, and made almost likeable despite his obnoxious behaviour by Bill Murray. It's so good that we don’t even mind the fact that it finishes up with a singalong song. Most amusing award must go to Carol Kane’s Ghost of Christmas Present, who has the delightful habit of hitting her charge with a toaster when necessary. And even when not.
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It's A Wonderful Life

Released in 1946.
Frank Capra’s perennial classic may not be everyone's no.1, but it remains essential Christmas viewing. The story of George Bailey, a man trying to do the right thing and finding his options gradually reduced to nothing, is genuinely tough watching at times during the first hour or so, and it’s made even tougher when we see the nightmare of life without his well-intentioned efforts, thanks to angelic intervention. So that happy ending, when it comes, feels earned rather than fluffy, and genuinely soul warming rather than gushy.
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Released in 2003.
A more modern Christmas tale, but one that went straight to the top of everyone's affections and deserves to be there. When it screened on British TV one Sunday in December it trended worldwide on Twitter, such is its popularity and extraordinary quotability. Buddy the Elf is, along with Ron Burgundy, Will Ferrell’s finest comedy creation, and he’s the most adorable movie character. You’d have to have a personality issue, and a severe lack of humour in your body to not enjoy this film.
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Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas


Released in 2003.
This is a great easy watcher for the children, whilst you wrap presents, or prepare food, or do your last minute online shopping. Kelsey Grammer (TV's Frasier) narrates as Donald hosts Christmas at his house, complete with an egg and pancake breakfast, a sledge for each duckling in the closet, and Daisy under the mistletoe. But the celebration gets old fast when the boys' wish for Christmas every day comes true. Next up, Goofy's son wonders whether there is a Santa after the villainous Pete tells him there's not and he catches Dad impersonating the portly gift-giver. Goofy demonstrates the spirit of giving by taking a meal and presents to less-fortunate neighbours and, many Goofy-style mishaps later, father and son have a surprise visitor. In the third story, the mouse lovebirds give an updated spin to O. Henry's "The Gift of the Magi", with Minnie having the heirloom watch with no chain and Mickey a harmonica with no case. This trio of Christmas stories adds up to an hour of heartfelt fun, capped off by the gang singing "Jingle Bells". Perfect holiday cheer.
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Jack Frost

Released in 1998.
Aspiring rock singer Jack Frost (Michael Keaton) has been struggling for years to make it big, often missing out on time with wife Gabby (Kelly Preston) and son Charlie (Joseph Cross) along the way. While driving to a music mogul's party one wintry evening, Jack realizes that his family is more important than his career, and turns his car around - only to plunge to his death when he swerves off the road in a blizzard! One year on, an angry and depressed Charlie is still mourning for his father. Deciding to make a snowman in the garden (one of the few activities Jack always found time for), Charlie gives it his dad's old scarf - only for the snowman to come to life as a reincarnated Jack. Determined to compensate for the mistakes he made in his lifetime, the new, snow-based Jack sets out to be the kind of father Charlie always wanted. Probably more for the older children, but a movie that will leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling in the end.
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A Christmas Carol

Released in 2010.
Fans of Robert Zemeckis's brilliant special effects, and of Jim Carrey's ever changing acting abilities, will be swept away by their collaboration in the stunning A Christmas Carol.
Perhaps more surprising is that Charles Dickens purists will also be impressed and captivated by this version of the oft-told tale--which is dark, complex, and in its way, uncompromising. Which is all to say that this Christmas Carol is an instant holiday classic, easily taking its place alongside the Alistair Sim version, the Patrick Stewart version, and even the Mr. Magoo version of the tale of Ebenezer Scrooge and his ultimate holiday redemption.
Carrey is dazzling as not only Scrooge, the most miserable, and miserly man in 19th-century England, but as the Ghosts of Christmases Past, Present, and Future. As with The Polar Express, Zemeckis animates the film over the actors' physical performances on-screen, but here, the emotion is intact--even heightened by the brilliant effects. Joining Carrey in the cast are terrific players, including Gary Oldman (Bob Cratchit, Tiny Tim, and the ghost of Marley), Cary Elwes, Bob Hoskins, and Robin Wright Penn. But the heart of the film is Carrey, whose dramatic acting shines through and captivates your senses from start to finish.
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Deck The Halls

Released in 2006.
Good neighbours can be hard to come by and when the flighty Buddy Hall (Danny Devito) moves in across the street from the conservative Dr. Steve Finch (Matthew Broderick), it quickly becomes apparent that the two men are complete opposites. While Finch methodically plans out every minute of the coming Christmas season for his family, Buddy craves freshness and excitement and is seized by an impulsive desire to decorate his house so brightly that it can be seen from space. While the men's wives Kelly (Kristin Davis) and Tia (Kristin Chenoweth) and their children revel in one another's differences and form solid friendships, a rivalry of personalities and Christmas spirit ensues between the two men that will wind up testing the patience and love of every member of both families. This is fun, comical holiday entertainment for the entire family.
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National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Released in 1989.
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is the third instalment of the Griswold family saga and a significant improvement over their previous European Vacation. Disaster-prone dad (Chevy Chase) discovers just how dangerous the Christmas season really is as the Griswolds' old-fashioned holiday celebration turns out to be more "Bah! Humbug!" than Christmas cheer. Chase is right at home with the outrageous slapstick and often cheerfully tasteless humour, and John Hughes's script is stuffed full of classic Christmas movie references, but Randy Quaid practically steals the film as the unemployed relative with his malicious grin and mooching lifestyle. Not exactly a holiday classic and a bit spotty, this gag-filled comedy is just obnoxious enough for the Scrooge lurking inside everyone; but fear not, a happy ending awaits all.
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The Holiday

Released in 2007.
This is one for the adults. A nice feel good romantic comedy for when the children have gone to bed. As a pleasant dose of holiday cheer, The Holiday is a lovable love story with all the Christmas trimmings. In the capable hands of writer-director Nancy Meyers (making her first romantic comedy since Something's Gotta Give), it all begins when two successful yet unhappy women connect through a home-swapping website, and decide to trade houses for the Christmas holiday in a mutual effort to forget their man troubles. Iris (Kate Winslet) is a London-based journalist who lives in a picture-postcard cottage in Surrey, and Amanda (Cameron Diaz) owns a movie-trailer production company (leading her to cutely imagine most of her life as a "coming attraction") and lives in a posh mansion in Beverly Hills. Iris is heartbroken from unrequited love with a cad of a colleague (Rufus Sewell), and Amanda has just broken up with her cheating boyfriend (Edward Burns), so their home-swapping offers mutual downtime to reassess their love lives. This being a Nancy Meyers movie (where everything is fabulously decorated and romantic wish-fulfillment is virtually guaranteed), Amanda hooks up with Iris's charming brother Graham (Jude Law), and Iris is unexpectedly smitten with Miles (Jack Black), a super-nice film composer on the downside of a failing relationship.
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Arthur Christmas

Released in 2011.
How can Santa deliver billions of presents to the whole world in just one night? With an army of one million combat-style Field Elves and a vast, state-of-the-art control centre under the ice of the North Pole! So how could this incredible operation have MISSED one child?!
Aardman Animation manages to strike the perfect balance between comedy, creativity, and holiday spirit in this Christmas film that isn't about an aardvark, but Santa, his dysfunctional family, and a Christmas in jeopardy. Arthur Christmas takes on the age-old question of how Santa can possibly deliver gifts to every child in the world in one evening. The answer: with a lot of high-tech logistics and gadgetry and absolute military precision coordinated by Santa's son Steve. While Santa's other bumbling son Arthur deals with the stacks of letters from children, Steve and his tech-savvy crew coordinate virtually everything else to ensure the successful mission of delivering presents around the globe on Christmas Eve.
To Santa’s young son, Arthur, the knowledge that a child has been missed threatens to end the magic of Christmas. With retired 'Grandsanta', a rebellious young elf, an old sleigh and some untrained reindeer, Arthur sets out in a crazy mission to deliver the last present! Deck the halls with excitement, fun and wonder in this new Christmas classic!
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Father Christmas

Released in 2001.
This is a story of what it is really like to be Father Christmas. Raymond Briggs' grumpy but lovable Father Christmas, hero of two highly popular books, is now the star of an hilarious animated film. After his blooming marvellous holiday, Father Christmas and his reindeer are up and away on their whirlwind Christmas delivery tour. The voice of Father Christmas is provided by actor and comedian Mel Smith.
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The Bear

Released in 2009.
Here’s a delightful animated film based on the popular children’s book about a young girl named Tilly who visits the zoo and accidentally drops her teddy bear into the bear exhibit. That night, Tilly cries herself to sleep, only to wake and find a huge polar bear standing before her ... as he gently presents her with her beloved teddy bear.

So begins a magical friendship with humorous complications -- primarily, how does Tilly keep such an outsized pet hidden from her parents? But another visitation changes Tilly’s life again when the Bear hears the call of the wild from the Spirit of The Great Bear Constellation in the sky. The two companions embark on an extraordinary Christmas adventure as the Bear seeks to find his true place in life. This heartwarming, beautifully rendered tale from the creators of THE SNOWMAN brings home to children a message of love, friendship, and giving. BUY the DVD for only £6!


The Littlest Light on The Christmas Tree

Released in 2008
This story follows a poor family struggling to get by over the Christmas period although still full of Christmas spirit they find it hard, especially the mother who works for a 'scrooge like' toy shop owner. It is his greed for making money that sets up the moral for this story and when he throws out a light bulb and other broken toys the young Timothy takes them home to his mother believing they can be fixed. It is only the light bulb that appears to be unrepairable but the boy having seen it glow in his hand believes that more than anything it can shine once again. After a blackout due to a snowstorm on Christmas eve the confused Toy Shop owner gets lost and fears he may never find his way out of the storm. Seeing a dazzling bright light in the distance he follows it to the family's home. Here he finds that it was the broken light bulb he threw away that was shining and that a true miracle has happened. Seeing the error of his ways the owner becomes a compassionate and and sharing man and takes care of the family. The dvd contains six wonderful catchy Christmas song which also appear as a bonus feature for children to sing along to, there is also an interactive quiz about the film. All in all a great value dvd!
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Winnie the Pooh - A Very Merry Pooh Year!

Released in 2003.
Celebrate the season with Winnie the Pooh in a brand new full-length adventure. Share the joy and magic of the holidays as Pooh and his lovable friends and enjoy Christmas and New Year in a delightful tale about spending special moments with those you care about most. After fond recollections of a Christmas past... the countdown to New Year begins! Rabbit plans a party, but when Pooh and friends bother Rabbit, he starts to sulk - threatening to move away. To appease him, everyone makes a New Year's resolution to change. Then see what happens to the Hundred Acre Wood when Piglet starts bouncing to conquer his fear, Pooh becomes gloomy from not eating any honey, and Tigger... unbounc-able!
Bonus Features Include: Covered In Snow Game, New Year's Eve Party Games, Disney Song Selection, Enchanted Music, Interactive Menu Screens. Featuring 4 New Christmas Songs! For the first time, hear Pooh and his friends sing their rendition of "Jingle Bells,"Auld Lang Syne," and other holiday favourites.
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Well, there you have it. If you think we have missed anything then please add it at the bottom in the comments box.

Personally, we don't think you will have any troubles finding a family film for a 'snuggly' Christmas night in now. No need to thank us.....just remember us on your Christmas card list!!

Merry Christmas all, and we wish you all the best for 2013!

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