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Pregnancy Tests Also Diagnose Cancer?

Pregnancy Tests Also Diagnose Cancer?

In recent months an anonymous person posted online what they thought was an amusing tale, about their male friend taking a pregnancy test and it coming back positive. As it turned out, the gentleman had testicular cancer.

The story was posted onto the American online user created news site Reddit. Many commentors wrote that the man should see his doctor, and after going for their appointment, they were diagnosed with cancer.

A pregnancy test measures the levels of Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG). This hormone is naturally made by the placenta during pregnancy.
However, it has been proven that some types of cancer cells also produce this hormone. The following cancers have been linked to hCG:
  • Choriocarcinoma - a fast growing cancer found in a woman's womb
  • Ovarian germ cell tumors
  • Molar pregnancies - masses inside the uterus

A recent post from the same anonymous person has said that because the tumor was found so early on, then it is treatable.

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