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'24weekers' - Film About Premature Survival

'24weekers' - Film About Premature Survival

The father of a boy born 16 weeks too early in 2005, has begun creating a film about the miracle of his boys survival.

Alan Entwistle is an author, former music journalist, and writer and director for many short films.
In 2005, his wife, Karen, went into labour 16 weeks early due to developing a Strep B infection. On January 3rd 2005 Jack was born at St Mary's Hospital in Manchester, weighing 1lb 6oz, and was the size of a man's hand.

The medical staff told Karen and Alan that there was only a 40% chance that Jack would survive. He spent five months in a Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit, and remained in hospital for a further 18 months. Jack was able to be christened in the summer of 2006.

As Alan looked back over his sons survival story, he decided to begin developing the tale into a screenplay; a process which he is still working on today. “As a father, to hear your child only has a 40 per cent chance of survival is a horrific experience. I’d made a number of short films before and having experienced something as amazing as we did, I decided it would be a great idea for a film” he said.

Brit Movie 24weekers is currently casting for its major roles and has secured a spot for Billy Elliot star Stuart Wells.

In August 2011, Alan created a promotional trailer in one weekend at the cost of just £600 (watch it below). The trailer was then 'premiered' at one of the North West’s biggest cinemas, the Odeon, in Manchester’s Printworks, in October 2011.

As a result, 24weekers received media attention and, over the following four months, was featured in local medial, radio and on national television.

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