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Phone Radiation During Pregnancy Affects Baby

Phone Radiation During Pregnancy Affects Baby

According to a recent study, women who are exposed to high levels of phone radiation during their pregnancy, risk increasing the chances of their child suffering with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder).

The study was carried out by Yale University, and it's co-author was Dr Hugh Taylor, chief of Yale's Department of Obstetrics, Gynaecology, and Reproductive Sciences. He said "We had pregnant mice in cages, and we just simply put a cell phone on top of the cage and waited for them to give birth". He went on to say "The babies of mice exposed to cellphones, had slightly decreased memories and were basically bouncing off the walls without a care in the world".

Taylor did admit that further research was required, as comparing the gestation of mice and humans was not an equal comparison to base findings on. Mice are pregnant for 19 days, and their young are born with a less-developed brain than human babies. He did feel though, that the findings from the research would make it advisable for pregnant women to protect their baby from over exposure to cell phone radiation.

The study from Yale was part of a major panel discussion on 'Safe Cellphone Use' held on the 12th of November. Dr Devra Davis, who runs the Environmental Health Trust, organised the event. "While it may be legal for companies to show advertisements of phones being used in ways that are not recommended, it is not ethical" she said.

Dr Davis went on to say "When they sell phones to people, and they tell them in fine print not to use them next to the body, and then all their advertisements show them using cellphones exactly next to the body.....I think that is really a profound disconnect that people ought to be aware of".

The article has been published in Nature's Scientific Report.

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Fay Briddon
Fay Briddon It does seem like it is something that needs a lot more research time putting into it. \mice and babies are two very different things.....interesting though that phone radiation is a subject that a lot of pregnant women worry about! x

23/11/2012 09:37:48

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Jetta Sneddon
Jetta Sneddon Well my son would technically be a human guinea pig for this, as I worked as mobile phone salesperson till the week before I was due. It was something I often wondered about!

22/11/2012 20:05:29

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Christine Fowler
Christine Fowler I have known about 'radiation' problems for a long.... it makes sense to keep your phone as far away from sensitive parts as possible! As well as keeping my mobile out of my pockets I also keep it away from my head and body. I checked the safety instructions that came with my iPhone and saw it says keep an operating phone at least 25mm from the body. A friend told me to use an air tube headset that keeps the radiation away from my head, I’d rather be on the safe side.

22/11/2012 12:55:10

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