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Duke and Duchess Expecting Their First Child!

Duke and Duchess Expecting Their First Child!

Yesterday afternoon, the announcement came that we have all been waiting for; Prince William and Kate are expecting their first child!

However, due to acute morning sickness, the Duchess is having to spend her second day in a central London hospital being administered treatment. The Duchess, who is thought to be less than 12 weeks into her pregnancy, was accompanied by her husband on Monday, as she arrived at King Edward VII hospital.

The pregnancy was intended to be kept secret until it got nearer Christmas, but her admission into hospital prompted the Palace announcement.
The news was greeted with congratulations and delight from all over the world.

The child will become third in line to the throne after Prince Charles, and Prince William.

It is believed that the Duchess will be being given fluids via a drip to help her overcome the morning sickness, and ensure the baby is not affected. The main danger with acute morning sickness is dehydration.
The Duchess was last seen visiting her old school on Friday, in Pangbourne, Berkshire.

St James's Palace released their statement yesterday afternoon saying that both the Middleton family, and the Royal family were "delighted with the news". They went on to say that "As the pregnancy was in it's early stages, Her Royal Highness is expected to stay in hospital for several days and will require a period of rest thereafter".

It has also become clear that members of the Royal family were kept in the dark about the pregnancy. Prince Charles and the Queen were only informed Monday morning, and Prince Harry, who is serving in Afghanistan, was told via email.

The Prime Minister and the Labour Leader Ed Miliband, took to Twitter to pass on their congratulations. David Cameron wrote "delighted by the news....They will make wonderful parents". Ed Miliband wrote "Fantastic news for Kate, William and the country. A royal baby is something the whole nation will celebrate".

Medical Director at London's Women's Clinic, Dr Peter Bowen-Simpkins, said "People who get it get intractable vomiting and may lose as much as 10% of their body weight and become very dehydrated. When this occurs the simple treatment is to get fluids into them - and usually they feel better".

Apparently acute morning sickness is more common with multiple births. So we shall have to wait and see if there are to be Royal twins or triplets?!

In 2011, the Commonwealth set up a new law stating that the daughter of any UK monarch has just the same right to the throne as a son. The current law states that if the first born is a girl, but then the second born is a son, he has the right to the throne over his elder sister.
The new law has not yet taken effect, but Cabinet Office spokesmen have said that formal consent is expected 'very shortly'.

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