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Blind Pupil Dragged By Ankles Through School

Blind Pupil Dragged By Ankles Through School

A teacher in Santa Fe is facing child abuse charges, after dragging a six year old blind student down a hallway by his ankles.

The woman was left trying to defend herself after the schools CCTV footage of the incident went viral. The teacher, who has not been identified, said that the young special needs, blind boy was being uncooperative when asked to go to a classroom.

The staff at Gonzales Community School decided to report the incident to Police a week after it happened.

A second teacher joined in and grabbed one of the boys ankles, aiding the female teacher. They are now also facing charges.

The third teacher, even though they did not touch the child, stood by and watched, and so could also face charges of neglect.

Sergeant Dobyns, from Santa Fe Police said "We don't believe the teacher was intentionally trying to hurt the child, but our problem is the blatant neglect for his safety. the boy's parents have said they liked this teacher, and that the teacher has been working with their child for quite some time".

The child's parents have said they did not want to press charges, but after reports of the child visiting the school nurse with head pain, and the CCTV footage going viral online, the teachers will now face charges.

The video has now been posted by Live Leak on YouTube.

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