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Mums Will Spend 51 Hours Preparing For Xmas

Mums Will Spend 51 Hours Preparing For Xmas

A study has shown that the average mum will spend 51 hours preparing for Christmas day. This will include research time, cleaning, and shopping.

The study was commissioned by Red Tractor Beef and Lamb, and has shown that mums will spend the equivalent of two days choosing, buying, and wrapping Christmas presents.
On top of those two days, a further two days will be spent decorating, cleaning and preparing for visitors.

The Christmas dinner will take up to 15 hours of planning, purchasing and cooking, and the research even showed that 45% of women wish they could make something simpler for Christmas dinner. Some women even said they would settle for a take-away.

Jane Ritchie-Smith, from Red Tractor, said "The results show that getting Christmas right is really important for mums. They put so much effort into making sure the day, and the whole festive period is perfect, making sure that everyone is fed, entertained and happy".

She went on to say, "From decorating the house, to the shopping and wrapping of gifts; all the planning and preparation adds up to over three days of time which is a lot for a few days of festivities a year".

CaptureIt is no surprise that with all this pressure, some women would prefer to order in their food, or go and stay at relatives.

The research also showed that the average mum will spend three hours writing and delivering cards, four and half hours cleaning the house for guests, four hours will be for food shopping and planning the meal, and a staggering 13 hours will be spent planning, researching and buying Christmas gifts.
Some women in the study said they spent around 45 minutes setting the table for Christmas day dinner. Ensuring people's name place cards were in the correct setting, and the correct cutlery was laid out for each course.

Mum's will look after guests; making sure they have drinks and nibbles; this can take two hours of her time!

Don't forget, that even when everyone is stuffed up on food, and opened all their presents, many mums are left to spend around 3 and half hours cleaning and washing up.

"Mum's tend to get left with the majority of the Christmas jobs, but the little tasks can soon add up in to hours and days of lengthy preparation and planning" said Jane Ritchie-Smith.

Of all the women that took part in the survey, only a quarter said they did not feel pressure to make Christmas perfect, and four in ten mums said they wished they had more help from their partners over Christmas.

So when it gets to New Years Eve ladies....get yourself a glass of bubbly and put your feet up!

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