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1 in 10 Young People Cannot Cope With Daily Life

1 in 10 Young People Cannot Cope With Daily Life

A survey carried out by the Prince's Trust has shown that one in ten young people cannot cope with day-to-day life.

With rising unemployment a key attributer, the Youth Index Report spoke with 2,136 young people aged between 16 and 25 years old.
When questioned about their education, career and well being, 27% of those in work admitted to feeling depressed and 48% of those out of work or education spoke of feeling down.

The study also found that 22% had no family or friends to turn to when life got difficult.

The report found that 52% of NEET's (a Government acronym for people not in work, education or training) experienced depression often or always.

The Youth Index Report is now in it's fifth year of research. The report was set up to try and gauge the happiness of young people across a range of different backgrounds, physical and mental well-being, and varying family life.
Alison Holt, the BBC's social affairs correspondent, has said that the changes over the years amongst young people have only been slight.

The Chief Executive of the Prince's Trust, Martina Milburn, has said "A frightening number of unemployed young people feel unable to cope - and it is particularly tough for those who don't have a support network in place". She went on to say "We know at The Prince's Trust that it is often those from the most vulnerable backgrounds who end up furthest from the job market".

"Life can become a demoralising downward spiral - from a challenging childhood into life as a jobless adult. But, with the right support, we can help get these lives on track" she concluded.

You can read the report from the Prince's Trust, and also find out how you can help the adults of tomorrow.

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