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Sperm Donor Being Asked To Pay Child Support

Sperm Donor Being Asked To Pay Child Support

A man from Kansas who donated sperm to a lesbian couple, is being asked by the state to pay child support.

William Marotta, 46, donated his sperm to Angela Bauer and Jennifer Schreiner three years ago, after all three signed documentation stating that he would not be considered as the father, and would not be liable to any child support.

However, in October, the state took action to have Marotta declared the father of their three year old child, after the lesbian couple came into financial difficulty.

The court hearing will commence on January 8th 2013, at which Marotta will ask that the case be dismissed.
State law says that any sperm donated must be done so through a licensed physician, to enable the father to be free from financial obligations.
Due to the expense of going through a doctor or a clinic, Schreiner and Bauer had approached Marotta personally, and he had agreed to provide a container of semen.

The child support being sought by Kansas state totals around $6,000.

Marotta has spoken with UK News crews via telephone, and said "This was totally unexpected. The very first thing that went through my mind was that no good deed goes unpunished".

This case is now attracting attention world wide. Shannon Minter, Director of the National Centre for Lesbian Rights said "It is unfortunate and unfair. It certainly might have a negative effect on other men's willingness to help couples who need a donor, which would be harmful to everyone".
She went on to say "I also think it undermines everyone's respect for the law when you see it operate so arbitrarily".

Kansas law states that when a couple seek financial benefits from the state itself, then a father must be found and held responsible.
Marotta has expressed no ill-will to the couple, as they were pressured by the state to provide his name, when they sought financial support.

Marotta's lawyers are arguing that because of a written agreement made by their client and the couple, he has no financial obligation to the child, and has no parental rights.

Marotta said he and his wife have no children, but have a fostered daughter. He had heard of a couple seeking a sperm donor, and so helped them for free. He said that he could understand their desire for a child, and wanted to help them.

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