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Parental Anxiety Linked To Speech Delay

Parental Anxiety Linked To Speech Delay

With a vast amount of information available on when a baby should begin talking, parents are feeling under pressure for their children to utter their first words.

Child development consultant, Jeanette Sawyer Cohen has reassured parents that language development in children can vary, and there is no specific time a baby should begin communicating. For example, one child may have a limited vocabulary but excellent pronunciation while another may speak in complete sentences but is difficult to understand.

However, there is a language development timeline that is reasonably accurate for most toddlers.

  • Non-verbal communication such as pointing at objects that grab their attention usually being when a baby is around nine months.

· Typically around 12 months, children begin attempting to copy words they hear frequently, such as Mum, Dad, hi and bye.

· Between 18 and 24 fours months, a toddler’s language development advances rapidly. By the time children turn three, they should have a vocabulary of more than 1,000 words and be composing short sentences.

Ms. Sawyer says parents can help boost their children’s language skills by regularly chatting to them, starting from when the mother is pregnant, reading to them and sounding out words during play.

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