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Chewable iPad Helps Children Develop

Chewable iPad Helps Children Develop

The InnoTab 2 Baby is essentially a touch-screen iPad for toddlers under three. Its rubberized case resists damage from being chewed and dropped and it comes pre-loaded with eBooks and music.

The manufactures, Vtech, described the device: “Parents no longer need to be worried about their child with a tablet. InnoTab 2 Baby features a baby proof design and tailored apps and content. It is pre-loaded with 12 musical melodies that will soothe a child. It also has a cartridge that teaches the recognition of animals, such as an elephant and explains what it is and what noise it makes. It is educational as well as designed to entertain and soothe.”

Parents no longer need to be worried about their child with a tablet - Vtech spokesperson.

Vtech representative Charlotte Johnson explained that the company felt giving a child a tablet that can be used learn to navigate through educational games and identify animals and colours was a better choice than a mother sitting a toddler in front of a TV screen.

However, not everyone is impressed; Anna Vallone who is involved in the manufacture of a craft-based sewing activity for children believes parents should stick with proven methods to develop their child’s skills involving concentration and imagination. She suggests sewing as a suitable activity for children over the age of five.

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