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£25million To Improve Maternity Services

£25million To Improve Maternity Services

The experience of giving birth will soon be improved for pregnant women as 100 UK hospitals share £25 million to help modernize their maternity units.

Health minster and obstetrician, Dr Dan Poulter said: "These will make a big difference to the experience mums and families have of NHS maternity services, with more choice and a better environment where women can give birth".

Almost 50 hospitals have said they will spend their allocation on more beds and family rooms so a new father and other family members can stay with the mother. Having relatives close by can help women both before and after the birth and potentially free up midwives.

hospitals are planning on building special units that are managed by midwives rather than doctors, which boosts the chance of women having a drug-free birth.

New birthing
pools, which help alleviate the pain and anxiety of labour are being arranged for several other hospitals, and eight more are considering improving bereavement areas where family members can mourn the loss of a baby.

Chief executive for Reliability Centred Maintenance summed up what the money would mean to UK maternity services: "Positive changes … to many units up and down the country".

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