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Two Thirds of Babies Born To Older Fathers

Two Thirds of Babies Born To Older Fathers

Statistics from the past 10 years show almost two thirds of new babies are born to fathers who have reached 30 years of age or older.

Parenthood manager of the Family Planning Association David Kesterton said economics played a role in the figure: "There's the economic reason that causes people to delay having children, the desire to focus on careers and the difficulties of buying your own home when young.” He also speculated that the increase in second marriages may have contributed to men having children at an older age.

Elizabeth Duff of parenting charity NCT agreed that economics may be responsible for couples choosing to begin a family later than previous generations: "This trend may be due to parents waiting until they are best placed to welcome their baby into a financially stable family setting".

However, reproductive consultant Dr Yacoub Kalaf warns research suggests that older men may suffer from reproductive ageing: "Men over 45 may have offspring that have a higher likelihood of a neuro-cognitive disorders, such as autism and schizophrenia.”

Dr Kalaf goes on to say that the health risks are quite small, and the age a man chooses to have a child is a personal decision.

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