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Babies Crying At Night Is Normal

Babies Crying At Night Is Normal

'Simple Ways to Calm a Crying Baby' is a free handout written by a committee of prominent baby experts from Australia, Canada, the US and the UK.

The purpose of the handout is to teach new parents specific sleep strategies to help their baby settle during the night.

Parents of a new baby are usually well aware that their child is not going to sleep through the night during their first few months of life but are unsure what to do about it. Getting through this extended period of interrupted sleep can be stressful for the mother, father and the baby.

The handout explains that babies need help to regulate their emotions and an adult responding to a crying child helps the baby learn how to calm themselves. Ignoring a crying baby will only increase the baby’s stress level and does not guide the child towards regulating his or her own distress.

The authors recommend parents change the way they think about sleep by recognizing that regular waking during the night is a very normal part of a new baby’s routine. The number of times a baby will wake depends on various factors, but just because it is happening does not mean it is a problem.

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