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Childcare Workers To Educate Toddlers

Childcare Workers To Educate Toddlers

In the past, childcare nurseries that accept toddlers as young as 12 months old have focused solely on caring for their young charges, but education minister Liz Truss has suggested they should expand their focus to include some aspects of education into their duties.

Mrs Truss aims to begin by raising education standards within the childcare industry by making a specific level of maths and English a job requirement for childcare workers. She is eager to assure parents returning to the workforce that their children are being appropriately educated.

Mother of two Mrs Truss said: “These are the early years and they are the early years and they are crucial. Just as no school is ever better than the quality of people in that school, exactly the same is true of nurseries.”

She also hopes the government will begin paying more money to childcare workers who have a C grade in English and GCSE Maths. Mrs Truss has indicated she would like to see UK nurseries emulate French nurseries where the workers have a “job of educatinginstead of simply taking care of the general needs of very young children.

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