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Toddlers Know What Parent's Are Thinking

Toddlers Know What Parent's Are Thinking

Figures from a recent study suggest toddlers as young as 18 months old have the ability to understand and evaluate information.

This means they can figure out what another person, including their mother or father, might be thinking.

The group of anthropologist from UCLA who conducted the study deliberately selected children from different global regions and diverse cultural backgrounds including Ecuador, Fiji and China.

The study began with a person entering a room with a pair of scissors and placing them in a box before leaving the room. A second person then entered the same room removed the scissors from the box and placed them in their pocket before they also left.

The toddlers watched the entire process, and when the original person returned to the room they immediately looked towards the empty box, assuming the person was back in the room to retrieve the scissors.

The researchers called the children’s actions “theory of mind “ and summed up their findings; after watching a scenario develop a very young child has the ability to predict what another person is thinking with reasonable accuracy.

This type of social reasoning analysis is known as a False Belief study because it shows participants may accept and act on a false belief.

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