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Charity For Post Natal Depression Sufferers

Charity For Post Natal Depression Sufferers

What should be the happiest moment of his life led to feelings of isolation. Mark Williams, who was already suffering from depression, was told his wife had postnatal depression, and he felt completely unsupported.

That experience led him to set up Fathers Reaching Out, a charity that focuses on helping fathers and family members of women who are experiencing postnatal depression.

depression is a potentially debilitating condition that can place extreme stress on families. Fathers are often left to look after a new baby and a depressed partner.

Mr Williams
describes how his experience changed his outlook: “Since then, in the last 12 months I have turned my life from a negative into a positive and now feel strongly about helping others in the same situation as me. I was just given medication and that was that and feel that a simple outreach project could not only save the government money but also stop families from breaking up.”

The Inspirational Father of the Year award had recently been awarded to Mr Williams in recognition of his efforts to raise awareness in this area of mental health.

Further information on support for fathers and families of postnatal depression sufferers can be found on his website. Mr Williams has also written a book on the subject, which is available through Amazon.

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