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Baby Yoga Beneficial For Parent & Child

Baby Yoga Beneficial For Parent & Child

Baby yoga is a new fun class where parents and their new baby can improve their health with relaxation and breathing techniques blended with music, songs and rhymes.

New mothers should wait six weeks after giving birth before beginning baby yoga classes; women who have had a caesarean should wait ten week. All new mothers and babies are welcome at the classes, and it is not necessary to have previous yoga experience.

A women’s body goes through vast changes during the course of a pregnancy and yoga is the ideal exercise to help realign the spine and pelvis correctly while bringing form back to the body.

The informal atmosphere of the classes are designed to allow mothers to take time out to feed, sooth and care for their baby as they normally would. This helps new mothers bond and communicate with their babies while getting to know other mothers.

Here are some of the many benefits of baby yoga classes:

  • Help concentration and focus
  • Lessen stress levels
  • Assist in the development of language skills
  • Promote creative interaction and play

For further information on UK baby yoga classes go to MamaBabyBliss or Yoga Bellies.

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