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Baby Tagging To Reassure New Parents

Baby Tagging To Reassure New Parents

New parents will enjoy greater peace of mind when a new tagging device becomes mainstream practice in maternity hospitals.

The Cadi SmartSense Infant Safety Solution uses radio frequency identification technology to make certain the right baby is given to the correct mother at all times while they are in hospital recovering from the birth. It was help put a stop to any chance of baby abduction from maternity wards.

The device consists of a hypo-allergenic band that is attached to the mother’s wrist and the baby’s ankle as soon as they arrive in the maternity ward; the tags are in addition to the standard tags given to the mother and baby while still in the labour ward.

Every time the baby is brought to his or her mother, the mother's tag will verify through a green light display that the child belongs to her. A warning beep along with a red light display will occur if the tags do not match correctly.

The tags are tamper-proof and will sound an alert if they detect an unauthorised attempt to remove them. Because it is usual for a newborn to lose a small amount of weight after delivery, the tag has a skin-detection component that activates an alarm if the tag slides off.

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