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Nurseries Blamed For Aggressive Babies

Nurseries Blamed For Aggressive Babies

Best-selling author and psychologist Oliver James believes the increasing number of children under three years of age being placed in childcare nurseries has resulted in a generation of little savages.

Mr James believes babies begin life as barbarians, and it is parental love and nurturing that shapes them into civilized beings, which they do not receive in daycare. He backed up his theory with a US study that found a clear connection between the number of hours a young child spends in a childcare facility and increased bad behaviour.

He said: “Studies show there is a direct link between how many hours you spend in daycare up to the age of four and a half and how aggressive you are.”

He added: “A toddler raised at home with a single carer is six times less likely to be aggressive than one enduring more than 45 hours a week daycare, and the more daycare a child has, the greater the aggression.”

During 2010 and 2011 80,030 children aged between five and 11 were expelled from school. Mr James believes this dramatic rise in aggressive behaviour is linked to the increasing number of very young children being left in nurseries each working day.

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