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Baby Mauled By Fox Recovering Well

Baby Mauled By Fox Recovering Well

The four week old baby boy that was attacked in his crib by a fox, is said to be recovering well in hospital.

Denny Dolan, from South-East London, was attacked whilst asleep in his crib on the 6th of February.
The BBC's john Andrew said "The mother was at home and heard this awful scream, went next door where the baby was, found he had been dragged from the cot onto the floor, and the baby's hand was in the jaws of the fox".
"She was obviously in a terrible panic and did what she could to get the fox off, including kicking it. Eventually it did let go but the baby was left with serious injuries" he added.

Lord Mayor Boris Johnson has called for more to be done about urban foxes, and the police are continuing their inquiries.

A spokesperson for the Evelina Children's Hospital have said that Denny Dolan has been moved from the high dependency unit and is set to be making good progress.


One of the baby's fingers was said to have been severed but was re-attached by surgeons in a "delicate and difficult" three hour operation.
Mr Boris Johnson said "This sort of attack, though terrible, is rare, but we must do more to tackle the growing problem of urban foxes. Foxes may appear cuddly and romantic, but foxes are also a pest and a menace, particularly in our cities".

He went on to say "This must serve as a wake up call to London's borough leaders, who are responsible for pest control. They must come together, study the data, try to understand why this is becoming such a problem and act quickly to sort it".

This is not the first time Johnson has had to address the issue of urban foxes. In 2010, two baby girls were mauled by a fox as they slept at their home in Hackney. Isabella and Lola Koupparis both underwent surgery after the attack and have been left scarred on their arms and face.

A Lewisham Council member has said "Local authorities and animal welfare organisations have been advising residents on ways to make their homes and back gardens less attractive to foxes. These can include repellents and making sure that waste food is always disposed of in secure, lidded bins and containers".
They went on to say "Residents should always be careful when leaving doors and windows open. we must do this together for it to be effective in discouraging foxes from our neighbourhoods".

Some people are calling for culling to be brought into action, and some are even saying that fox hunting should be brought back to control numbers.
Many environmentalists, and even people living in the cities are saying that this is an extreme reaction to very rare incidents. Wildlife presenter Chris Packham has said it is a "knee jerk reaction", and people need to show more tolerance towards the foxes; "Poisoning is not an option" he said.

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