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Steve Martin Celebrates Fatherhood At 67

Steve Martin Celebrates Fatherhood At 67

Steve Martin and his wife Anne Stringfield have achieved something exceedingly difficult in celebrity circles: they became parents in December and kept the event a secret up until now.

Steve Martin’s rep confirmed the actor, musician and author’s good news: "We can confirm that Steve Martin and his wife are new parents and recently welcomed a child."

The funny man had previously been married to actress Victoria Tennant, but the marriage
did not produce children, allowing the new baby to introduce Martin to fatherhood at the
age of 67.

The notoriously private actor had been dating Stringfield, a 41-year-old writer, for three years before their 2007 marriage in a secret ceremony at Martin’s Los Angeles home where guests, including Tom Hanks and Diane Keaton, thought they were attending a party.

Recently Martin had been dropping cryptic hints to his 3.7 million Twitter followers.
On February 9th when a fan tweeted: "Steve would you bear my children please? :-)"
He responded: "Can't stand 'em."

However on February 11th he tweeted: "My recent dada Tweet was admired by the artistic community." He then added: "Coo coo, cutsy wootsy, footsy pie."

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