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Fathers Seeking Online Advice

Fathers Seeking Online Advice

According to information published by the Department of Health, out of 8,000 people in the South West of England who asked for baby-related guidance from an online NHS parenting advice service, 2,000 were fathers.

The figures were gathered in December 2012 from South West parents who signed up to receive parenting help from Information for Service for Parents, a web-based NHS advisory service covering all areas of parenthood.

Health Minister Dr Dan Poulter said: “It is great news that so many South West dads have taken the chance to sign up for the NHS Information Service for Parents."

“A new baby is a wonderful thing but can be stressful, and it is important mums and dads do everything they can to share the load. Dads make up a quarter of signups to the service - which is encouraging, but we want to see those numbers increase even more.”

The service is free and includes education and help on a broad range of commonly asked questions, such as when to immunise your child and how to cope with disturbed sleep. The information is sent to the parent by text message or email on request. For further information visit the Information Service for Parents website.

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