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Infertility/Birth Defects Linked To Everyday Items

Infertility/Birth Defects Linked To Everyday Items

Findings from a recent study by The World Health Organisation have concluded that chemicals found in common household items may cause adverse health problems.

WHO suggests a ban is placed on compounds known as phthalates due to the suspicion that they are linked to female fertility problems and an increasing number of childhood illness such as leukaemia. Phthalates are commonly used in dashboards, PVC flooring, credit cards and toys.

WHO director, Dr Maria Neira said: "The latest science shows that communities around the globe are being exposed to endocrine-disrupting chemicals and their associated risks. We all have a responsibility to protect future generations.”

The organisation added the synthetic compound bisphenol, which can be found in many household items such as sunglasses and tin cans, should also be considered a potentially health-endangering chemical.

WHO said its study found “very strong evidence” in animals that bisphenol interfered with thyroid hormones and may be responsible for causing attention deficit disorder, brain damage and autism.

Elizabeth Salter from CHEM Trust pointed out that although the European Union was in favour of enforcing stricter regulations on the compounds, the EU and the UK were yet to come to an agreement.

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